The Top 7 Largest File Sharing Sites

The world’s largest sharing machine-the Internet-has lots of participants in the game.  For several years, BitTorrent was at the top of their game and stayed at number one. But as the file-sharing and torrenting game gained more adepts, competition got fiercer.

Today, the five largest companies dedicated to swapping files are all related to cyberlockers, which is what we commonly call a centralized file-hosting service.

Around five years ago, BitTorrent sites were rulers of the file-sharing space. Mininova made its breakthrough in 2007 when the site became the first BitTorrent site to earn a spot in the top 100 most-visited sites on the Internet.  Then The Pirate Bay followed and the rest is history.

But BitTorrent has been facing serious competition by cyberlockers who entered with a strong game and started to catch up and fast.  The last year, sites like The Pirate Bay and Torrentz has seen how cyberlockers watch them from behind.

The following are the top 7 largest file-sharing sites on the internet:


Hightail is what YouSendIt used to be.  This site allows you to receive, send, digitally sign, and synchronize files. The service is available for computers, tablets, and phones.

The service offers limited services for free and offers premium services. The websites gets an estimated 4.5 million visitors a month.

2. 4shared

Wiht 4shared, you can acccess files anytime, anywhere. It is free and safely protects your files for you to access them from any Internet-enabled device.  The service provides 15GB free space for users.  It gets around 21 million visitors on a monthly basis.

3. iCloud

The cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple gives you access to all your Apple products.  You get online access to all your music, files, videos, movies purchases on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC.

iCloud receives and approximate 10 million monthly visits.

4. Google Drive

Google’s file-sharing service allows users to save, share and synchronize files.  It can be used on computers, Android phones 4.1 or greater and iPhones and iPads running iOS7 or more.   Most of the files can be seen offline.

This is a very popular service. Google reports that over a million companies use it to share files among their associates.  The site has 18 million visitors every month.

5. OneDrive

Formerly known as SkyDrive, OneDrive is an open-source file sharing service from Microsoft.  The service offers 15 GB of free space and offers more with a premium subscription.  This website is pretty popular and receives 16 million unique monthly visitors.

6. MediaFire

Based in Shenandoah, Texas, United States, MediaFire is a file hostage, file synchronization, and a cloud storage service.   This easy to use service allows you to access all your documents, music, or video anywhere.

Withe MediaFire, you do not need to download their services in order for you to use the service which makes it pretty good for quick online savings.

7. DropBox

DropBox is probably the most popular file-sharing and storage services out there.  It offers free saving, synchronization of any type of files for you access them from anywhere in the world.

It is esimated that DropBox has 35 million monthly visitors.  The website was updated several


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