What is the future of File Sharing?

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of file sharing is illegal streaming of videos, movies, music, books.  Are you thinking of the Pirate Bay too?  But there is so much more involved in file sharing that actually has to do with legal ways of sharing information.

Particularly businesses have relied on EFSS to sync information between different points in different locations.  It is undoubtedly interesting that file sharing has been a thing since the very invention of the internet and it has not really changed that much.  The most common way that people and companies have had to share files has been email or FTP.

Given this fact, the protocols used for those methods of file sharing are a bit archaic, to say the least.  But as we know today, these methods for transferring data are not very safe because these protocols were devised when we did not think of hackers or anything related to stealing information.  We did not even think of that.

So, besides enhancing security in file sharing, there are some other exciting things that the future of file sharing has for us.  Let´s take a look.

The Need for Improved Security

If you are into “showbiz”, you probably heard weeks ago about hackers stealing episodes of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones and demanding a bitcoin ransom.  Or even worse, many celebrities’ phones being hacked and exposure of intimate pictures made public in what has been known as “celebgate”.

When it comes to business, threats to security are also as serious when it comes to file sharing of sensitive information. If hackers can access HBO’s servers or a person´s phone this easily, imagine what they could do with a major company’s information.

This is why the future of file sharing in businesses will focus on improving security.  To get to the point where commercial cloud storage such as Dropbox, One Drive, or Google Drive do not offer just yet.  This is a war between IT professionals and file sharers and illegal hackers and file pirates.  The question is still on the table:  Who will win?

Full Access Anywhere, Anytime

With file transfer becoming faster and easier, users will demand access anywhere from any device. This has been a necessity for many years.  But things can get more difficult as the necessity for transferring larger files arise.  This requires a work on the speed of large file sharing such as intelligent “cloud-optimized routing” technology that enables sharing at the fastest speed possible.

Fluid Access even when Bandwidth is Poor

The problem with having access to satellite everywhere is that there are points in which bandwidth will be too slow or not readily available.  Businesses rely on urban internet bandwidth where access flows like water.  But other businesses like cruise companies do not have access to speedy internet everywhere.  The future of file sharing demands ease and smoothness even in conditions of limited, long-distance networks.  In doing this, they will reduce costs on satellite connections and stay on top of their game in times of critical need.


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