Comparing the Biggest File Sharing Companies

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Back in the days, you had a computer with all your file in it.  Since nothing is forever, you had to change your computer, especially because you had to update.  But before you did that, you had to make a backup disk of your files to transfer them to your new computer.

Imagine companies sending important data through email and having to place super big files in flash drives and send them through the mail.  It was horrible!

Today, as bright as the future is, we no longer have to rely on those maneuvers to get things done.  Back then, we had discussions on what was the best way to share files physically.  Today, we are discussing on which file sharing online company is the best.

We now have so many options to store files in the cloud and have them available anywhere in the world.  It is amazing that now you don’t have to rely on one expensive server to keep your files available.  We are now asking ourselves things like:  What amount of space do I get with Dropbox?  Which one is more reliable? Which one is faster?  Is Google Drive better than SkyDrive? ,etc.

We will try to make an exhaustive yet brief exploration of the biggest file-sharing companies out there.  If you or your company are planning on acquiring the services of one of them, focus on the main needs of your company and how these cloud-storage and file-sharing services can help you.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an expert in managing business suites.  It has integrated OCR and an easy desktop-to-desktop functionality.  If you use Google apps a lot, you get a generous amount of space.  AN excellent collaborative office-suite functionality makes it a first choice for many businesses.

Microsoft OneDrive

This is the default cloud storage service included in the Microsoft suite.  It has gone through several changes even of its name.  It’s been called FolderShare, LiveMesh, and Sky Drive before becoming OneDrive.  It is a pretty versatile and powerful service and offers apps for more platforms than any other service.  One attractive feature is its mobile and web interfaces.  It includes shared desktop-folder syncing,  music streaming, notification of others’ edit, and much more.


This one is dedicated to businesses but it can perfectly work for homes.  It offers a generous amount of storage and a sweet box of functionalities.  It is really easy to use and super customizable.  The apps are fast and pretty responsive.


Dropbox is simple, powerful, and reliable.  Synchronization is pretty simple and swift.  It is easy to install and allows access to deleted files and earlier versions.  This simple and reliable one will effectively sync among users providing a pretty easy collaboration.  Probably the only downside about Dropbox is that the premium version of the service is pretty expensive.


When it comes to online backup storages, IDrive is a champion.  It covers all the variables you can think of. It offers a great storage-to-price ratio.  The experience across desktop, web, and mobile is easy and with no problem at all.  The setup is pretty easy and the number of devices connected to one account is unlimited.  But the storage is not unlimited so you might wind up breathing for some more space.

CertainSafe Digital Safety Deposit Box

The main flag of this one is safety.  So, if you need to store sensitive data, Certainsafe is probably your best option.  With MicroEncryption, breaching through the bulk of CertainSafe is practically impossible.  So, this is heavy duty encription and protection for your highly sensitive files.  Now, you must be careful as if you forget passwords or security answers, you lose access to all your information.