Best Applications for File Sharing

As we advance in technology the world is looking at the most easy and convenient way to transfer files among our devices that easily. This advancement in technology has lead to development of application that allow us to share files at the shortest time possible in the most easy method. Some of the best applications for sharing files are:

Xender Application

The most vital thing about the application is file transfer and file sharing. This application uses the direct wifi feature of android devices and it supports 4 to 6 MB per second speed. All you need to do to use the application well, is to launch the app in both the devices and one device has to create the group while the other device will have to join the group. Its very easy for you to use the application as it sorts files into audio, images, apps,music, big files among other categories. More than 30 million people have install the app showing how good the app is to many people.  Here is a look at Xender.

Superbeam application

This is another great app that allows you to share file fast and in an easy way. With the help of wifi there is fast transfer of files making the app to have many users. The application is available on google playstore for free. For you to use this application smoothly you need to pair the devices with the help of QR code, manual code and NFC. This application has some background theme that apply to it. The app shares the following; videos, audios, APK, images text and many many more files. A vast number of people have install this application globally.

SHAREit application

This application is among the most popular and used app across the globe. The app uses wifi to tranfer file at a great and immense speed compared to other applications that uses wifi. Some of its features that you use in transfering files is the wifi direct feature. One most unique thing about this applications is that the receiver device can view all the files that are in sender device and can select and send files that are suitable without the intervention of the sender. This application is found free at google playstore and has been downloaded and install by many.

Wifi file Transfer application

This application uses wifi entirely to transfer files. It is the best and most suited way to transfer files between a computer and an android devices without cable connections but rather wireless transfer over wifi. This application allows you to use password to protect your files when transferring them. It has a good rating at google playstore and has been downloaded and installed by many.

Zapya application

It is another good app for file sharing and transfer. This application allows you to send big files to multiple devices simultaneously. the maximum number you can send this file is up to four devices. It allows wifi multiplayer game for you and your friends friend. With this application you can make and share individual QR code for data transfers and the application supports many languages across the world. It has many users and it is well rated.

These applications have made it easier to transfer and share files among ourselves, this is a great thing that has seen many things work out smoothly and in terms of education and business purposes, the applications have brought some dynamic changes in these sectors.

Mozilla Launches Send

Modern advancements in technology have allowed practically everyone to have a much easier life than before; nowadays, you can communicate with colleagues, friends and family even when they are thousands of miles away, and whatever it is that you would want to share—be it pictures or sound clips or even large, sensitive files, it can be done. And with the applications made available for these media files to be acquired, it is relatively easy for such sharing to be done.

Mozilla Launches Send

Recently, Mozilla has launched a new file-sharing interface called Send. It is still on a test pilot status, which means that you can already access it and make use of its features, but is still very much on its developmental stage. Developers will still have to determine if they will let this nifty program stick around for good based on clients’ feedback and the program’s running capacity.


Security:  Unlike most platforms which allow you the same basic method of uploading your important files in the internet and having anyone download them through the use of a customized link provided by the program itself, Send is a more secure way of doing so. Whatever it is that will be uploaded will soon be deleted after one successful download or after 24 hours, whichever comes first. This assures total security and privacy, and it means that no one else can download the file aside from your intended receiver. It has been claimed that not even the developers can access your data. When you upload them in Send via any modern internet browser (which means that it isn’t just limited to their own product Firefox), the media file will be encrypted, and only the necessary information such as the files’ name, hash and size are revealed to them.


Also, most sharing platforms have limited file size capacity. Send, however, allows you to upload documents of up to 1 GB. Now you won’t have to break down your files in chunks and upload them tediously for a long time just to get everything done and over with.

Transparency:  What’s better is that you won’t be blind to the status of your file upload. Once completed, you will be able to see all your previously shared data, and you can have the option of deleting them even prior to the indicated expiration. The files won’t be shown in your page if they have already been deleted. Simple, easy, perfect.
Firefox Send can be accessed at